Jiaozuo secco better brake co., LTD., formerly jiaozuo hong yu brake co., LTD.According to the requirement of the state machinery,In jiaozuo under the government's vigorously support newly built a modern large-scale high-tech enterprises,The brake is set、Driver、Study of lifting appliances、Development、Manufacturing、Sales、Service in a body specialized company。 Company technical force is abundant,With a large number of high、Intermediate engineering and technical personnel。Research center is specialized in the research and development of the brake,And can provide users with non-standard product design、Consultation、Manufacturing。Twenty several series has been developed,380Multiple varieties of specifications of the products。The company has professional production equipment80余台,2The brake block production line,Capable of producing all kinds of brake、Driver products50000Sets of production capacity。The company has the advanced brake、Driver testing equipment,Established a perfect quality control and quality assurance system,Use scientific and strict.........

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