Recruitment information

Business is introduced

With diversified human resources services

Labor dispatching

Labor dispatching for the enterprise establish a flexible mechanism of choose and employ persons,To help enterprises and reduce operational costs,To reach the company efficient shipment...

Local labor transfer

Through relatively concentrated area labor force advantage,To strengthen cooperation with local government,Develop a variety of recruitment channels,Timely supplement for the enterprise...

Hr outsourcing

Help enterprises to simplify and integrate the human resources management process,From induction to easily solve the employees leave the entire professional life cycle...

Entrust recruitment

We can provide you with the core of the service is based on their own recruitment needs change,Flexible control including recruitment staff Numbers...

University-enterprise cooperation

Provide students practice and employment of university-enterprise cooperation platform for enterprises、Intern jobs for students,According to the cooperation between colleges of asked...

Individual employment and training

According to individual circumstance and enterprise labor demand reasonable arrangement work,Provide employment counseling and training for individuals,Achieving personal again...

The cooperative enterprise

Establishing stable cooperation with enterprises

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